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Our TREE TRIM Technicians are ready to provide you with a great amount of practices in all areas of Tree work. From Tree Installing,

Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Cabling, and Stump Grinding we can and will provide you the best assistance to our ability. Having your neighbors driving by your lawn daily to see clean and healthy trees care will make you feel even better about the work that will be completed!


Tree Installing

We want to make sure you have the healthiest trees and the best long-term lasting tree. Our Professionals at WLM will make sure you have the best quality of trees to make sure you are happy with a great tree. Our team works very hard to install  good tree  that (with taking care of a respected way) will give off a long term tree.

Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is too big for you lawn, a nuisance, or a liability to your home or property, our team will make sure it is out of your hands in no time.

We have a large lift that will remove the larger limbs and trees in safe and secure matter. We also have equipment that will take care of the smaller parts of the tree.

After the Job is Completed, We will make sure all of the tree limbs and branch is properly cleaned and you have your lawn in perfect shape. We want to make sure we completed a happy and safe assignment.

Tree Pruning

Tree Cabling

One of the biggest Problems that many tree owners face is the branches gradually leaning over on their power lines or onto their roof.


This makes it a much easier process for squirrels, cats, or other animals to get access to your roof.


Another liability that can lead to many problems is the more shaded areas give off a more variety of moss which leads to roof damage.


The Solution to this would be letting us take over and completely remove all branches and limbs that are growing areas that give a non safe environment.


Tree pruning is also a good idea to do frequently to give a cleaner look to your trees.

Does your tree need extra support to stay together properly? Our Tree Technicians at WLM will ensure a great amount of extra support to assure no damage to the trunk or branches of the tree occur.

Stump Grinding

When your tree is removed, we will grind the stump down generally 6 inches to make sure the tree does not grow back. After this, we will then plant seeds and grow a nice layer of grass to give off a nice clean slab of lawn.

We have equipment that will reach smaller areas that hard to reach in your yard. Sometimes it can be more difficult to reach so these equipment machines will come in handy when needed.

Emergency Services

If a storm comes in and completely tears down your tree branches or limbs, you can schedule a time for us to come out, and we will completely clean up all of the damage occurred to ensure everything is back to the proper position. We want to make sure you have a nice clean environment , and you are content with the completed work.

If you have any more questions or would like work done on your trees, feel free to contact us through our estimate request line or contact our office during the week!

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