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WLM experts offer 3 services that can assist you to a more advanced and healthy lawn. 


  • Irrigation Installation 

  • Irrigation Management 

  • Redesign and Upgraded irrigation to ensure a long lasting irrigation.

Irrigation Installation 

  • To prevent damage to your yard, pipe is inserted into the central water channel of your home which will then continues to each area. 

  • Zones are created to enhance the best pressure and better flow rate. This will develop a better long lasting and higher quality of performance.

  • Our on site designer is on deck to provide a proper layout that provides  all around water circulation to every part of your lawn.

  • Another great feature to our irrigation system is our rain/freeze sensors that will immediately notify itself to shut off when freezing temperatures are near.  The systems will also give a good timing of water only when the landscaping needs it.

  • To control your irrigation system, a control box is set up to give you complete control. An awesome new feature is also set up through your smart phone that gives you complete access to your sprinkler system  from any location. 

Irrigation Mangament 

  • Our Team at WLM wants to give you the best of the best to make sure you are happy with the work that is completed. Doing so, our workers will frequently check up on the current sprinkler zones to ensure everything is working properly, and the correct amount of water pressure is coming out.

  • Making sure everything is working properly is our goal at WLM. We will check on leaks, adjust anything that needs to be adjusted, and find ways to improve the system in a more superior way. 

  • We do not want any  damage to occur, with that being said, do not  forget we can also winterize your irrigation system to make sure your system is properly set for the winter season. 

Redesign and Upgraded Irrigation

Installing a Wi-Fi smart controller  is a great way to give complete control of your system. The awesome part about this feature is that you can control the water system to the correct weather conditions. 


You can also add rain sensors to the system to allow the sensors to turn off the sprinkler system during seasons of rain. 

Adding and Adjusting the heads of the sprinkler is another great way to give equal amount of water and thorough water coverage to allow a good amount of water given.    


At WLM we want to make sure you have the most updated product to provide the best service. We will give you the redesign that you need to ensure a better job of irrigation. Doing so, this will give a longer lasting transition to your irrigation system.

Also, adding more pipe and heads is a good way to improve places in your yard that is not receiving enough water.


If you have any further questions or concerns about your Irrigation system feel free to call us at our office to set up an appointment for us to bring our team to your location for a free estimate!

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